The League of Nerkonian Dicers 


Welcome to Adventure

Why We're Here
 Licking County has a lot of people who play Roleplaying Games with dice. 
 The League wants to help these people connect with each other and reach out to those who would like to learn to play.

 While many of us also play online, there is nothing like gathering with a group of people to tell a story together.

 We've just started, and this site is under construction, the same as the League. We will be hosting NerkCon 2 Febuary 16, 2012 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Everett Rd in Newark, Ohio.  We need DM's, Game Masters or any other title to run games that day.

 We register the Leauge with GAMA to get members the discount offered at Origins.

 Check here often and contact us to join us.




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